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      Multiplatform support (#174) · 12d5e56f
      rpls authored
      * Adapt the PQM3 Multiplatform & Scheme Discovery to PQM4
      * Add HAL support for CW308T-STM32F3
      * Adapt platform interfaces
      * Implement simplified platform running interface
      * Simplify chipwhisperer interface
      * Fix for systems without the GNU findutils
      * Add the mps2-an386 platform, which is also supported by QEMU
      * Speed up scheme search
      * Skip scheme list generation if IMPLEMENTATION_PATH is given
      * Optionally push all data/bss into the "flash" portion of the MPS2
      The flash is actually just a RAM. The main purpose of the board here is stack
      testing and this will allow us to use all 4MB of the "ram" memory region for
      * Implement stack size querying
      * Don't capture stdin for QEMU platforms
      * Fix argument parsing for benchmarks
      * Add possibility to run QEMU benchmarks directly from make
      * Fix scheme list generation
      * Remove automatic call to git
      * Add some comments for the scheme finding mechanism
      * Add the possibility for scheme specific makefiles
      * Clean up makefiles
      * Generate a skiplist for each platform
      * Move reusable buildsystem and interface code to mupq
      * Move randombytes implementation to hal for testvector test
      * Make all-in-one compilation the default
      * Document the new platforms in the README.md
      * Update mupq
      * Add _sbrk wrapping to opencm3
      * Update mupq
      * adjust pqm4 to run multiple iterations in a single binary
      * Always add LTO flag
      * Update mupq
      * Reorganize symmetric crypto sources
      * Include HAL and crypto sources in AIO compilation
      * Fix LTO compilation
      * Use existing linker script if present
      * Update mupq
      * Don't use the nano libc (worse performance)
      * Fix compilation for self-tests
      * Quick-fix build error for bikel1 on mps2-an386 platform
      * Update benchmarks
      * Use full ram for some frodokem schemes
      * Fix compilation on mps2-an386 platform
      * Update skip_list.py
      * switch to mupq master
      Co-authored-by: Matthias Kannwischer's avatarMatthias J. Kannwischer <matthias@kannwischer.eu>
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