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Insternship 1
Task 01)
Successflly isntalled Ubuntu
Task 02)
dhcp4: false
dhcp6: false
- 2001:638:408:200:FE50::1/64
gateway6: 2001:638:408:200::1
dhcp4: true
version: 2
Yes I can access my machine remotely
ens18: interface is the one in which I have configured IPv6 address and the gateway
Task 03)
a) successfully generated RSA key
c) For this task I have used my public key for the remote server authentocation then I have to login with my password
d) for this task "PubkeyAuthentication yes" have to include and "PasswordAuthentication no" has to be removed
e) enter your username and it displays following error
" No supported authentication methods available(server sent:publickey) "
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