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internal routing
calling host on port 6321 then redirected to container
## [miniwhoami](http://[2001:638:408:200:fc36:dddd:0:100]/)
## [miniwhoami](http://[2001:638:408:200:fc36:dddd::100]/)
direct access to container on http standart port
## [whoami-node](http://[2001:638:408:200:fc36:dddd:0:101]:8080/)
## [whoami-node](http://[2001:638:408:200:fc36:dddd::101]:8080)
direct access to container on port 8080
......@@ -6,14 +6,45 @@
user: admin
pass: admin_pass
# Aufgabe 2 - Erstes Dashboard in Grafana
HELP node_boot_time_seconds Node boot time, in unixtime.
TYPE node_boot_time_seconds gauge
node_boot_time_seconds{instance="node-exporter:9100", job="node-exporter-own"} 1637068439
HELP node_time_seconds System time in seconds since epoch (1970).
TYPE node_time_seconds gauge
node_time_seconds{instance="node-exporter:9100", job="node-exporter-own"} 1637080854.680702
HELP node_cpu_seconds_total Seconds the CPUs spent in each mode.
TYPE node_cpu_seconds_total counter
rate(node_cpu_seconds_total{mode="user"}[1m]) -> execute
{cpu="0", instance="node-exporter:9100", job="node-exporter-own", mode="user"} 0.003111111111112071
{cpu="1", instance="node-exporter:9100", job="node-exporter-own", mode="user"} 0.0028888888888887877
{cpu="2", instance="node-exporter:9100", job="node-exporter-own", mode="user"} 0.001777777777777424
{cpu="3", instance="node-exporter:9100", job="node-exporter-own", mode="user"} 0.001777777777777424
# rate vs irate
irate(v range-vector) calculates the per-second instant rate of increase of the time series in the range vector. This is based on the last two data points.
irate should only be used when graphing volatile, fast-moving counters. Use rate for alerts and slow-moving counters, as brief changes in the rate can reset the FOR clause and graphs consisting entirely of rare spikes are hard to read.
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